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It is once again another Sunday night and I am internally cringing at the thought of another work-week commencing at 9am (which means that I have to wake up about 7 hours from the moment I am typing this sentence, which will probably mean much less sleep than that by the time this is posted and my mind shuts the fuck up), but after recently being grabbed by the shirt collar by my unhinged boss (he seriously has issues) and then offered a half-assed promotion/raise (one of those issues is that he is a cheap fuck) when he realized that I was about to walk out of there (if I had ANY money, I would have walked out anyway, but times being what they are… I sadly need this job just a tad more than my self-respect.  At least for a little while longer.  Hopefully when summer is over, something will appear), it means that if I show up to work, I will earn (on average) an extra $16 a day, which doesn’t sound like much, but on a two-week paycheck, it’s significant.  After even a paycheck with just two days of the new position, it made a difference.  Not much of one, as I’m still too poor to pay all my bills, but I’m getting closer.

I am trying to post these on the regular again, which is hard with all these weddings and summer things going on (2 consecutive Saturdays and 2 consecutive weddings down and one more to go), and the excessive drinking that comes with being unhappy with oneself while people around you are getting married, having kids, getting actual decent jobs, etc.  Regardless, I will write myself out of this rut and that begins now!

I was looking over possible candidates for letters to publish tonight, and this one caught my fancy, because the second paragraph in my initial letter is exactly the kind of writing that comes out of me when I am in the zone, and it makes me almost remember how awesome I’m supposed to be.  Also, she wrote back, so it proves that sometimes, these things actually happen.  I then wrote her back, but after that…nothing.  I wish I knew what happened, and I wish there was a profile still there.  Somewhere out there is a Kate I almost went on a date with, and yet, I do not know what she looks like anymore, should I ever pass her on the street or at a Sonic Youth show (see this post, which I thought I posted somewhere on the internet, but couldn’t find).

Also, I know what many of you are thinking – “One American using ‘cheers’ in an email is bad enough, but TWO?  Those tossers deserve each other.  To hell with the lot of them!”  And then maybe you’re also thinking I went a little overboard on the music nerdery, and in this instance, I would concur.  I found myself cringing just a tad when I got to the paragraph about Billy Childish.  But that show WAS AMAZING!!  I was sitting two feet away from the man himself!  I know I have one friend who probably hates me for having been there.  Oh and for anyone keeping score, I’ve definitely heard the Vivian Girls in the ensuing four years since this message was sent, way back in the days when I had a decent job, an apartment in Brooklyn, and there was a stupid frat boy in the White House whose awesomeness at his job led to all of that disappearing.

RE:trying to figure out the matching system here
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Aug 30, 2008 – 2:06pm
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Hi there,

60% strikes me as odd when you compare our interests and favorite bands (although to be fair, I didn’t properly list my favorite bands on here, so the fact that I’m heavily into C86 and the Wedding Present doesn’t show up, but there are no questions about C86 on this site), love of banter and repartee and food. Does this mean that you can’t judge a person by what they like, but what they’re like? Because I find when I meet people who may have similar dispositions, but dissimilar tastes, I don’t know what to say or talk about.

So, you’re into a lot of the same stuff as me, but perhaps you eat babies (well, to be fair, when it says “likes children” on the sidebar, it doesn’t exclude “…for breakfast.” Now, I’m not saying you eat children, because why would I cast aspersions as tot he character of a lady I haven’t met? But I must say, you probably don’t get too many emails from strange guys wondering if the reason for such a low match rating is cannibalism.

Anyways, I hope you have a lovely day. I’m gonna go see Sonic Youth. Yippee.




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Aug 30, 2008 – 3:28pm

Hi J,

You know what bugs? There will forever be that differentiation between the Baumbach and Ferrell Kicking & Screaming. I do that all the time. One of my favorite movies (Chris Eigeman is an eternal crush). Which local bands do you like? Tell me about your label. I’m working on a piece about Vivian Girls and Crystal Stilts, both very C86/Flying Nun.

Where did you live in Seattle? I moved from there last summer. (Lived in Lower Queen Anne. Sigh. Miss that apartment.) Thanks for the note, and enjoy Sonic Youth & the long weekend — I’m envious! I never did get to McCarren for a show and it looks like that was my last chance.




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Aug 30, 2008 – 10:47pm

Helloooo Kate,

I totally hear you about Kicking & Screaming. I remember when the WIll Ferrel movie came out, I was all indignant about it. Also, Chris Eigeman is one of my favorite actors ever. I just noticed how all the Whit Stillman movies were on your favorites list. Then again, how can they not be?

I saw Crystal Stilts open for The Vaselines at Southpaw and thought they were amazing! I had really low expectations. I’m kind of a snob when it comes to music. My label is called ESCHE (stands for Example Such Cloth Hammer Engine – it came to me in a spam email) and I’ve put out releases by The Repercussions (the Long Island garage rock band, not the 70’s soul band or the shitty DC punk band), Space Robot Scientists, Trashed On Fiction (they have a new one coming out soon, and are still together, unlike the previous bands mentioned. please check ’em out at, who are amazing and The Lord Humongous (also from Long Island and not a shitty Maryland punk band)…I’m still working on getting proper distribution and whatnot. I LOVE Flying Nun stuff. Also, I own the C86 comp on LP. It is one of my prized possessions.

I used to live in the U District (I worked at the Tower there for almost 3 years), and I miss going to shows at the OK Hotel (RIP) and the Breakroom. I saw Billy Childish do a reading there, followed by a semi-acoustic Thee Headcoats set. One of my favorites songs right now is the solo version of “You Make Me Die” on the cd “At The Bridge” – plus, my iPod likes to play The Buff Medways.

Oh, the Vivian Girls opened for SY, but I missed them. Haven’t heard them yet. But I own the Monks of Doom cd with the song of that name on it.

wow, i could probably talk forever about music and movies, etc…and my friends’ band is supposed to go on at 11 and it’s 10:45 and i’m still in williamsburg. they’re playing at Lit. yikes.

maybe we should meet up for coffee or drinks and chat it up?

hope your weekend is awesome (although it can’t be as awesome as mine because Sonic Youth played “Making The Nature Scene.” Sorry.

Oh and Josef K is the bomb. I just played them for my bff and she went apeshit.


nice username

Hello loyal readers (what few of you still exist, as I seem to take too long between updates, although the upside to this lackadaisical approach is that I still have material that is two years old, even after doing this blog for over two and a half years)!

I hope you have all been well.  I have had some bouts of self-defeatism, followed up with delusions of adequacy and at times a fleeting feeling of awesome.  At least I’ve gotten some bicycle-riding in there somewhere.  Let me just say that as someone from a very hilly neighborhood where my house was at the bottom of every hill, it is amazing living in a flat area where I can bicycle for seven miles and not really break a sweat.  I’m loving it, and am relieved that we won’t have to move out in July, because we’ve found a friend to move in come July 1st.  Now if I could just find a better (and better-paying) job so that I can afford to live here while also eating and drinking…

None of that has anything to do with this week’s installment, which found me saying NOTHING exciting about one of my favorite bands.  It did, however, show my affinity for bragging about my record collection.  It also kind of makes me want to listen to some Guided By Voices right now (I’m currently listening to a record by The Seldom Scene from 1974 that I bought used on Record Store Day because the used records were within my budget, whereas most of the RSD Exclusive titles were too rich for my lack of money ($9.99 for a 7″ record with 2 songs, one of which isn’t even new is highway robbery and complete bullshit).  I will be writing an essay about the frustrating paradox that is Record Store Day sometime soon and will post a link on here for it).

Anyhow, I really did think her username was cool.  Even if I wasn’t that into her.  I just always assume that when you pick a username like that, you expect to net nerdy guys, so you must like nerdy guys, so when a nerdy guy emails you, maybe you should write him back, because you are total nerd-bait.  If you don’t like nerds, make a username that implies a lack of respect for grammar or originality (ie, Kewpid4U, BabyGirl4Luv, etc.).  Also, it’s come to my attention that I’m not a bad looking guy.  So, whatever.  Please note that this is the second-to-last letter that I previously copied and pasted into my master file.  But don’t worry, I have PLENTY more to go through in the coming weeks.  Rest assured I still have plenty of material (including the longer piece that I keep meaning to post on Valentine’s Day, but have since managed to screw up and let three of them slip by without posting it).

So now I give you this.  Enjoy!

nice username

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Apr 12, 2010 – 9:58pm
5% Enemy 88% Friend 95% Match

Hey there,

Just had to drop a line to say you have one of the better usernames on this thing. I just had Guided By Voices week in my mind last week, where I basically downloaded weird random rarities I didn’t already own, and ripped the rest from the CDs I have. Something like 111 albums/EPs/compilations, etc…

this week I’m on a bit of a Morning Benders kick, though I saw the Wedding Present last night (I hadn’t seen them in maybe 12 years) and will probably listen to them a lot this week.

take care!

so i stumbled onto your profile

Okay, so this one isn’t so great, but it’s not a bad icebreaker.  The Wedding Present is one of my favorite all-time bands.  Because this one is so lame, I will give you a bonus one in a separate post.

Speaking of icebreakers, we’re all supposedly living on the edge of blizzard that is threatening to put a damper on a one-time-only reunion of 48 In the Basement and the Microwave Orphans.  Snow is stupid.  So is this letter.  The girl wasn’t even really cute.

[According to OkCupid’s “Icebreakers” function, we had so very much in common.  To wit, “I think you both like shopgirl, and arrested development.”  So you could see how that wouldn’t be uncomfortable, the two of us sitting in silence until one of us gets brave enough to say something stilted and awkward whilst trying to be funny (or not).]

so i stumbled onto your profile
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Aug. 6, 2008 – 9:19pm

and you mentioned the Mountain Goats, sure, but THE WEDDING PRESENT??!!! I always feel like nobody’s ever heard of them. I just found out they released a box set of all their BBC recordings, and so now I need to get that. And they’re playing in October, aren’t they?

So yeah, I know that’s crazy, but that’s the reason I decided to write you. I tend to think that anyone into such a group would be pretty decent.