i, too, have tatu songs on my iPod…

Okay, so it’s been way too long since the last update…I would have told you that, even if it hadn’t already been brought to my attention by this reviewer.  First it was the failed job search short-circuiting my writing synapses, and then it was the insurmountable inertia of starting to write again after not doing so for months at a time.  And then, I had a very hectic retail job for an entire month before they caught on that I wasn’t putting my heart into their sales pitch, even though I did try.  I wish I could make money writing a book of excuses.  It would be one large book, although I would probably never finish it…
I can’t understand why this one didn’t write back.  I don’t even remember much about her at this point, since she doesn’t have an account any longer.  I mean, she would have to know that it takes brazen honesty in a man to admit to such a thing as liking t.A.T.u.  Perhaps she wasn’t ready for someone so honest, and I would have been better served to write simply “Yo baby, I wanna pop YOUR corn!”

i, too, have tatu songs on my iPod…
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Jan. 12, 2009 – 3:41am
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there’s just something about chipmunks singing a Smiths’ song that is irresistible.
that’s a case of “hardest truth first” if ever there was!

alas, my iPod is sort of mute at the moment (the headphone jack was getting sketchy and then i managed to complete defuse it) unless it’s plugged in to a computer or a dock. So now I’m borrowing one from my mom temporarily and when it’s on shuffle I find myself skipping a lot of Barry Manilow and Bryan Adams songs (and every other Neil Diamond song).

I don’t know what that has to do with anything, but there it is.

when you say you are a purist popcorn popper, do you mean you do it with a pot on a stovetop? Or with a 70’s-style oil-based popcorn popper (I do have one of those exactly like the kind i had as a kid, thank you eBay. Of course, on the downside, it doesn’t work all that well)?

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