sausage fest in cougartown

So, lately I’ve been working on getting back into writing poetry and prose again, and maybe stepping away from these kinds of posts.  We’ll see if I can get them to co-exist in my brain.  It’s just that I’m getting more and more intent on trying to finish the book I’ve been writing for like ten years, and sometimes I feel like I’ve been purposefully procrastinating.  This is part of that procrastination, but maybe it’s a necessary outlet?  I don’t know.  What I do know, is that it’s nice to finally start going out and reading my stuff in front of people again.  I’m getting pretty good reactions and meeting new people (you know, networking) who are part of the poetry community and learning that there are all these real contests and places to submit works that I hadn’t known about previously.  And there are cash prizes, as well as speaking engagements.  So, I’ve been setting about working up to reading some polished pieces that I can hopefully start getting better at, and then when I feel comfortable enough, I can perhaps start reading in the city again.  For now, I’m content to read on this particular sandbar until I get my confidence back completely.

In the meantime, I’m going to delve into this week’s installment with a fairly recent post.  From this past summer, and it’s safe to say that now that this lady doesn’t have an account (or at least not THIS account), I won’t get a reply a year from now.  In fact, there is very little I can say about this particular message, because, frankly, this is the kind of message that makes women delete their accounts.  I admit my guilt in this most public of platforms.  It was summer, I was drunk and lonely.  At least I wasn’t caught naked with a bowl of Jello.    But I digress (as I usually do).  I’m just going to get on with it and present you with a crude message I sent from my phone.  Pretty self-explanatory.  And for those of you who have self-respect, I apologize.  And re-reading it, I admit it doesn’t really make any sense, either.  Oh well.

Sent to PaperTiger75
Aug 18, 2012 – 12:03am
Sorry, PaperTiger75 no longer has an account.

This is a horrible first impression to make, but I’m at last call in setauket for a friend’s birthday dealy and it’s like a sausage fest in cougartown and I browsed the locals on okc and you looked like someone I wished was here.


Sent from the OkCupid app

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