i thought that…

I’ve been having a lot of fun straying from the formula just a little bit lately.  Not only because shaking things up keeps it fresh, but because it also pads out the finite amount of material I’ve accumulated over the last few years (I mean, it’s not like I can honestly write to women solely in the hopes they don’t write me back – that would be disingenuous and deceitful and the antithesis of what this project is all about — these emails are all sincere and sent because I want to hook up or something).  So I’ve decided to go through some old messages that may have gotten one or two volleys before stopping dead and start posting them.  I will probably alternate, but either way, I will be posting more “letters that got perhaps one response.”  Then again, this is my playground, so I make the rules and break the rules.  Nyah nyah nyah.

This week’s post is a one volley correspondence from almost four years ago, so I have no idea what this woman looks like, or what our match percentage was.  Context clues tell me that she may have been on the goth side (I am nothing if not a regular Sherlock Holmes, dear Watson).  I’m just tickled that someone out there knew what “Son of Albert” was.  I am also gathering from this that I was the one who never replied after the first volley.  I don’t know why that is.  And now the world will never know, for she is no longer on OK Cupid.

One last note:  I still have not listened to either the Andrew Ridgely or the Curt Smith records to this date.

i thought that…
Sent to girl__afraid
Jun 12, 2008 – 1:53am

Goths listened EXCLUSIVELY to WHAM! and Barry Manilow.

but seriously, I bought “Son of ALbert” for a dollar once. and I just found an EP by Curt Smith (aka the Other guy from Tears For Fears” in the trash. So I’m working on the “dudes left behind by their more famous partners” series of albums. There’s just too many Paul McCartney albums out there, though. (j/k)

I dunno. I didn’t have anything exciting to say, but I saw the wham thing and couldn’t resist. Gasoline fight!



Sent from girl__afraid
Jun 12, 2008 – 2:00pm

OMG Son of Albert was soooooooo bad I couldn’t take it! I found it at Tower for like .99 or something. ICk. He was always my favorite member of the band too (considering he did nothing).


How was the Curt Smith album? I saw them recently on some radio show on YouTube – they still sounded really good. I love that band.

Glad you’re not afraid to talk about these things – lol.

Sorry, girl__afraid no longer has an account.

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