I think the 17% enemy is based solely on…

I started writing this entry after the Super Bowl.  It was the cap-off to an otherwise horrendous week that should have, by all accounts, not have been so horrendous.  I was supposed to move out of my parents’ house and celebrate.  Instead, on the day I was supposed to do these things, my bank account was frozen by New York State with ZERO notice (I am still $200 in the hole as a result of this bureaucratic bungle, which they later admitted on the phone that proper procedure was not followed in December- letter-writing campaign forthcoming).  Meanwhile, my mom had been rushed to the hospital on Tuesday.  It really was a banner week in our household.  Since then, I have been on a rollercoaster ride of hating my job and REALLY hating my job, finally moved into the new place (a house with a couple of friends, which I can barely afford, but need for the sake of my sanity, however tenuous that might be), and have tried to make myself as busy as possible while trying to get out of my current shitty job and transition simultaneously into a position where all the things I have done for shits and giggles lo these many years (booking shows, promoting bands, writing dumb shit like this) finally start to yield dividends.  If these things don’t start happening by the time I turn 40, I want one of these women to run me over again and again.  So, I’m going to leave in the original intro, as is.  It follows below, starting…now!

So, here we are again…I hope all of you eyeballs on the other side of this series of tubes are having abetter week than I.  I’m not going to get into the woes and wherefores of my shitty week, but rest assured when your mood is elevated by a sporting event you only marginally care about, it’s been a rough week.  With that, I start writing this post to distract myself (yet, while writing this I got distracted, naturally) and try to make me feel like I have some semblance of control in my currently disheveled life.

Speaking of disheveled, this particular message is a bit of a rambling mess, seemingly never finding its footing.  I do, however, enjoy some of the things I wrote in this message.  I am, if anything, a big fan of my own ridiculousness…and making fun of Burning Man (although I have to admit that one cool thing came out of Burning Man, and that would be the Steampunk Treehouse that now graces the front lawn of the Dogfish Head Brewery in Rehoboth, Delaware).


I think the 17% enemy is based solely on…

Sent to Nik100383
Mar 13, 2010 – 5:16pm
10% Enemy  84% Friend  80% Match

burning man. ha ha.

I think it’s cool you don’t really like the summer. I catch a lot of flack for that. I spent most of last summer sleeping on a couch at my parents’ house in the air conditioning because I couldn’t sleep in the sweaty city (my old apartment had the worst electrical ever, but we couldn’t complain because somehow ConEd never sent us a bill after the last person whose name it was in left, and we could only have one air conditioner on, and we couldn’t turn it on if we needed to microwave something). In fact, I lived across the street from project housing and they all had air conditioners. sometimes there are equalizers in society.

I’m sorry, I have no idea what I’m talking about. Anyhow, I just wanted to drop a line to say that you seem pretty cool and you like a lot of the same stuff as me, and also, your philosophies seem pretty in tune with mine, in terms of planned spontaneity, etc. although maybe you like nature more than I do. But right now, where I’ve retreated to in Long Island, I live across from the woods where there’s a cool hiking trail and I’m across the river from the Long Island Sound. So I don’t not like nature, but I’m not like super outdoorsy. I am gonna go kayaking this summer on the river, though.

take care,

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