david bowie

Okay, so, I was originally going to post this as a bonus post THREE MONTHS ago, but clearly that did not happen.  I guess I got sidetracked by posting on Tiffany’s Open Letters blog and then the buildup to leaving New York and the two week roadtrip that ensued.  Followed by my being a lazy asshole drinking and sleeping on my friend Maddi’s couch for ten days before living in a motel and finally finding a sublet.  Anything else I say is just excuses.  And I was doing so good at updating weekly, too.  Oh well…

So yes, I have moved to Austin, Texas.  The land of abundant food trucks, Tex-Mex, BBQ, Longhorns, live music and shitty pizza and Chinese food.  It is also home to Lone Star beer, which is cheap, plentiful and fairly drinkable.  Except for the fact that I seem to be allergic to it, like I am with many wheat beers as well.  It is like some weird sort of Jew Hell to inhabit a land where you can’t drink the cheapest beverage.

This young lady has since moved to Chicago, which may explain why she didn’t respond to me.  Or, she really hates Air Supply cassettes!  Also, it should be noted that this message she sent me was a result of that “Mystery Match” bullshit thing that like randomly finds someone who likes something you like and then says “Doucheboy10 also enjoys jumping the shark.  You should message them and if they reply, you will get to see their profile.”  It’s like the Rob Gordon-omatic of dating sites.  I never use it because I am too afraid of emailing a random woman who likes “Spaceballs” or something.

david bowie
Message from laurenzo44
Jan 24, 2010 – 5:12pm
29% Enemy 65% Friend 71% Match

I have to say it shouldn’t surprise this site that more than one person in the New York area shares an affinity for Bowie. I mean, my gosh – there might be a dozen of us even! 😉

I remember buying Changes on cassette tape. How old does that make me?!?

Any fun holiday weekend plans?



Message from rob_fletcher 
Jan 25, 2010 – 1:35am

ha ha. I’m even more impressed that you list Dan Bern! I first saw him in 1996 on Halloween, opening for Ani DiFranco. Been a big fan ever since. He played an awesome show at music hall of williamsburg last year.

I somehow managed to not have any Bowie on cassette. I think because during my peak cassette buying years (9-14), my tastes ranged from J. Geils Band – Love Stinks and Air Supply – Lost In Love to Anthrax – Among the Living (the first compact disc I bought was I’m the Man by Anthrax). I do own Galaxie 500 and Loop on cassette, though. I’m eclectic! ha ha.

Is this a holiday weekend? Or is it a Michigan thing? Regardless, I did hit up two different friends’ birthday celebrations last night. One was food (a pizza place with a vegan menu in Long Island) and the other was drink (Double Down Saloon, the Library and then The Boiler Room (gay dude bar, because it was gay dude’s birthday – met a 50 year old transvestite who told me about hanging out at Max’s Kansas City, but how he never got to see Johnny Thunders at Irving Plaza his last show because it sold out). I got home at like 4:30 am, and had a job interview today at 1pm. And then a friend had booked a long show today to benefit his uncle’s family to pay for his burial. I am knackered!

How about you?

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