so, ANY Mel Brooks movie?

This one is just me being a wiseass (and a total nerd) and having it blow up in my face by not having my mailbox blow up later.  Another example of my offbeat sense of humor, my arcane knowledge of minor films by major directors and my total lack of filter.  Not that it matters, really.  I mean, they say it’s a numbers game, but also, if someone doesn’t think you’re funny off the bat, just imagine how it will be 4 years down the line if you were to keep making the same corny jokes over and over that she didn’t like on the first contact?  You would most likely end up in an ER with some nasty knife wounds.  I dunno.  If you ask me, if you’re that big a Mel Brooks fan that you say you can quote lines from any of his films, then you should want to have my (Jim Henson’s) borscht babies…I call shenanigans!

so, ANY Mel Brooks movie?
Sent to honeyjacks
Jan. 14, 2009 – 1:16am
% Enemy % Friend % Match

don’t worry, I won’t ask you to quote the Twelve Chairs…

but yeah, I cannot hear “Why don’t you go where fashion sits” without hearing Peter Boyle warble “putting on the riiiiiiiiiiiiitz!”

when you say you don’t like romantic comedies, are you disqualifying all cameron crowe movies?

4 responses to “so, ANY Mel Brooks movie?

  1. Pablo, where are you in this now? Have you given up? Keep the posts coming plz….Did you quit OKC?

    • I’m still on there. Mostly because I can’t delete it until I publish everything in my outbox. I’ve still got a ways to go. I’ll send you the link via email.

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