dropping a line (2 – electric boogaloo)*

Welcome to Redhead Week here at OKCLTNGRHQ (aka my semi-secluded suburban residence during my in-between drone jobs phase).  What that means is that I’ve actually sent out a few letters on OkCupid this week, all to redheads (Note: letters were sent to four young ladies, but one appears to NOT be a redhead. – Ed.)

Since life is no fun if you don’t bend the rules or tweak the system, in honor of redheads everywhere (except for the scary kind, you know, the creepy ginger kids), I am being crazy impulsive and am going to post a letter that DID get a response; one that even said I was cute and nice, natch!  In what is a bizarre turn of events, this woman ACTUALLY READ my profile.  Ironically, that’s what got me in trouble.  I give her credit for being honest and direct at any rate.  Maybe her no longer being on OkCupid has something to do with her tricking some guy exactly like me into marrying her and making babies.

I am still looking for that elusive woman who loves “Henry Fool” and wants to stay the night.

dropping a line
Sent to redresearcher
Jan. 5, 2009 – 12:43am
25% Enemy 78% Friend 73% Match

Hi there!

I just wanted to say hello and that you have awesome taste in movies and music. Henry Fool is one of those films I use as a barometer for relationships. Of course, the downside to this seems to be that there are at least two kinds of crazy that I have experience with…the kind that hates Henry Fool with every fiber of their being and subsequently hate me..or the kind that love the movie and my taste in music and then disappear without a trace (well, I mean, they are still alive, I assure you) from my life.

Have a good night,
Here is her response:

You seem very nice and the profile (and you) are definitely cute….problem is, I am not super-jazzed about the “casual encounters” or the “no children” parts….just not really my style….good luck as you continue “the quest” as it were…


* NOTE:  Parenthetical title is merely to distinguish it from the previous entry listed as “dropping a line” and is in NO WAY something that I had put in the subject line of the actual letter, as funny (and confusing for the recipient) as it would have been.

2 responses to “dropping a line (2 – electric boogaloo)*

  1. fun facts about my high school/early college ex-boyfriend include: anything “2” was automatically “2: Electric Boogaloo”, to the point where my brain still auto-corrects to that on a regular basis. Unless of course it’s “the New Batch.”

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