i like the way you think

I don’t know.  This was kind of a one trick pony of a message, but it does hopefully convey one thing:  I want to bowl and do karaoke at the same time.  I think that at least the subject line addresses something about the recipient.  I wonder how many more messages like this one she received before canceling her account and running away from the computer screaming.  But if you’re going to use the screenname LizLemon, you are going to attract weird nerdy guys.  I wish I could remember what she looks like.

i like the way you think
Sent to lizlemon
Jan. 4, 2009 – 11:59pm
10% Enemy 86% Friend 87% Match


Just for the record, I have actually done karaoke at a bowling alley. But it was a shitty bowling alley on LI. I also once went to a karaoke night at a hick bar near the Pennsylvania/West Virginia border where three drunk cowboys would not relinquish control of the microphones.

but yeah, Bowlaoke would so rock.

take care,

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