the Mosby-Stinson Saturday night message conundrum

Here’s another funny and well-written email that doesn’t really say much of substance, but says a lot about my personality.  I referenced the awesome “How I Met Your Mother” in the subject line (of which she is a fan as well), with just a subtle hint of Schrödinger’s cat in it.  Yes, I did mention another female, but I also mentioned that she was also using OkCupid, and found an appalling man on it.  I think this to be an acceptable reference to another woman, because it’s fucking funny.

Now, I have gone back to her profile to visit and see why she wouldn’t write me back, and it appears that she is ageist.  She herself is 28.  Now, everyone nows that the acceptable age difference is widely regarded to be half your age plus 7.  At the time I wrote her, I was 35 and she was 27.  According to my age then, she could have been 24.5 and still be within reason.  At the bottom of her profile now, it currently says that I don’t meet her requirements because messages sent to her by anyone over 35 years old will not be highlighted.  Usually, I find Jewish girls to have some kind of daddy issue that tends to skew them towards older men, so this is quite a shock to me.  I do so love making generalizations.

Oh, but before I go, let me leave you with the funniest sentence a robot has ever uttered, courtesy once again, from the IceBreaker machine: “I think you both like cooking, jew, spoon, stars, and modest mouse.” 

the Mosby-Stinson Saturday night message conundrum
Sent to editrix101
Jan. 3, 2009 – 11:53pm
18% Enemy 77% Friend 80% Match


I realized after I clicked on your profile and thought you seemed pretty cool that I was now stuck, because, well, frankly, a message from a guy between 10pm & 2am on a Saturday night is a little suspect. So I figure I can own up to having already been out and gotten home before 11. I’m not proud of that, but there it is.

So yeah, to prove my theory, my friend Christine agreed that even though she was home on a Saturday night and checking the site, she would be wary of whomever sent her a message at that time. Of course, she then received a message from a guy whose picture on his profile was a closeup of “not his face” as she put it. So I figure at least I have no photos of THAT on here.

Please note that I’m not usually home on a saturday night, but I guess a slow night every now and then is due to happen.

take care,

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