this is gonna sound weird… (the sequel)

I said “weird” a lot in this email, so that was kind of strange.  I think from her photos I may have seen her around Brooklyn, perhaps even tending bar.  Join me tomorrow when I quote R.E.M. lyrics for reasons that escape me now.

[But we do have so much to talk about according to OkCupid.  Mostly because “I think you both like the shins, bob dylan, get up kids, and cursive.” And that makes all the difference]

this is gonna sound weird…
Sent to shanon1118
15% Enemy 77% Friend 80% Match
Nov. 5, 2008 – 11:58pm

but i always say “Good times…great oldies.” I’m weird like that. I also am into good times and great oldies. So maybe it isn’t that weird.

What’s weird is that I still haven’t read any Bukowski after all this time.

My college poetry professor (who wrote the book they use to teach poetry) was like the anti-Bukowski. They appeared in the same anthology once (I saw it in the documentary on Bukowski). I thought that was funny.

Oh yeah, hi. How’s it going?

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