i’ve given up on witty subject lines

The first thing you may be thinking is that I dealt my hand WAY too soon on this one!  If I start with nothing witty, though, can’t it only get better?  Pretty sure there’s one coming up soon that has the subject line “I’m not even going to try.”  Ha ha.

If you’re going to have a screen name that references something only a small minority of people are going to get, you could at least respond to someone who gets it.  The thing that annoys me, and one of the reasons I started this endeavor, is that I am NOT one of those guys that all the girls on OkCupid complain about, who only message things like “Hay mami, wutz up, I want to lick them funbagzHit me up on Myspace.”  Maybe the reason YOU aren’t meeting anybody is because you aren’t even responding to the decent looking guys with a job (well, I did have one at the time) and a life, who can string together a sentence without using a “z” where an “s” should go.

Eh, whatevs.  Maybe these women don’t have anything interesting to say, or think that they don’t.  And if you don’t think you’re interesting enough to converse with a stranger who has written you first, then I don’t know what to tell you.

Well, Happy (it’s not really your) almost Birthday, Jesus!

i’ve given up on witty subject lines
Sent to marbleindexer
8% Enemy 89% Friend 86% Match
Oct. 18, 2008 – 7:35pm

Hi, how’s it going?

I’m guessing from your screenname you like Nico. I remember when I was in high school how I thought I was like so undergound and cool because I was into the Velvet Underground and Bob Dylan and the Pixies (it was the year before Nirvana broke,and I was literally one of like 3 people in my high school who listened to like The Smiths and the Cure).

Anyhow, you seem pretty cool, so I figured I would just drop a line and say that.

take it easy,

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