Pulled pork, whiskey & bob dylan…

In retrospect, the only word I needed to put in this letter was “YES!”  I mean, how awesome are those three things being in a woman’s profile?  By typing anything other than “YES!” I was showing my hand, mainly the fact that I was 35, hate the Doobie Brothers, and possibly a sociopath.  Not that I would take back anything I said.  I am not a fan of taking anything to the streets, especially “It” – I mean, if they made a musical of Stephen King’s book about a psycho clown named Pennywise, what do you think the main song would be called?  Yes, that’s right “Taking ‘IT’ To The Streets!”  I have just now succeeded in keeping myself awake for many more nights to come.

Anyhow, her profile is deleted now, but if she’s the person I think she was, she worked at a cool bookstore and through some random social networking, found her facebook profile through a mutual friend, but was just not creepy enough to go to the bookstore to see her (okay, I went, but she wasn’t there and I decided to go record shopping instead).  Later, OKC said she moved back to wherever she came from.  Oh well.

And FYI, that thing about why I hate the Doobies is 100% true.  Not even appearing on “What’s Happening” could make me like them.

Pulled pork, whiskey & bob dylan…
Sent to lowbrowfoodie
1% Enemy 96% Friend 92% Match
Oct. 11, 2008 – 5:10pm

Are three of the best things about life. Have you ever been to the Double Down Saloon on Ave A? I hadn’t been until last week and I’m pretty sure that I had all three of those things there.

I gotta tell you, though, Michael McDonald was a Doobie Brother, and I can’t jive with that…I think it has something to do with when I was five and “Listen to the Music” was on the radio and I thought they were singing “The whole world wants to abuse you/the whole world wants to abuse you” instead of “woah woah listen to the music…” So I don’t know if it was my fault or theirs. In retrospect, though, I gotta say, I was a smart five year old to read into that message….

This just went on too long. But I saw your profile and you seem really cool in a way that might click with me.

Take care,

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