my roommate has all four Beatles on the wall…

So this one is pretty straightforward.  I was really hoping to get insight into a mind that didn’t have a problem with Nicole Kidman’s wooden excuse for acting in Noah Baumbach‘s “Margot At The Wedding” (which I really liked, EXCEPT for Ms. Kidman and her face of zero emotion – she’s becoming like a female Nicholas Cage)…You can read all about how I feel about this movie here in my other blog.

Be sure to tune in tomorrow for Pulled pork, whiskey & bob dylan…

my roommate has all four Beatles on the wall…
Sent to leahkk
9% Enemy 88% Friend 89% Match
Aug. 17, 2008 – 5:23pm

And Paul was MIA for a while. People would come in and ask “Where’s Paul?” and Owen would just reply “Yes, where is he?” I recently read “Memories of John Lennon” and it was really hard to read some of it on the subway while misting up for everyone to see.

Oh and so “The Dark Knight” is overrated, but you loved “Margot at the Wedding?” I would love to have a conversation about that. I am a little opinionated. But I’d rather show not tell.

Maybe we could discuss it over drinks sometime?

I must have perused your profile a few times, but never knew what to say. I hope this message passes muster.

Enjoy your day,

[OkCupid could only find this to say: “I think you both like cooking.”  Wow.  We are so meant to be together.  Someone should tell her!]

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