this is gonna sound weird

Here we go with today’s bonus entry, since the preceding one was kinda lame.  This one is brief, but is full of the entertainment value you’ve come to expect from my letters.

If this young lady is the same person I thought she was, she was actually at a lot of the same LI punk shows as me and was friends with some acquaintances of mine.  Somehow, I never seemed to bump into her in Brooklyn.   I think I scared her.  If you read this, sorry about that. I wasn’t trying to be creepy.  Just friendly.  And I said it might sound weird!

[It’s at this point I am starting to think that OkCupid’s “Icebreakers” program is basically just looking for words that start with the letter “S” in them.  Don’t believe me?  “I think you both like sushi, one crazy summer, spoon, spaceballs, and the shins.”  It has mentioned sushi, Spaceballs and the Shins multiple times.  These can’t be the only things I have in common with these women!]

this is gonna sound weird
Sent to ilike_things
23% Enemy 76% Friend 75% Match
Aug. 11, 2008 – 1:34am

but I think i used to come across your profile on myspace/friendster or whatever (and maybe some shows back on the island) and I always thought you were cute, but never had the nerve to message you.

although i’m sure you’re not on here to look for other refugees from LI.

but if you ever wanna hang out at Barcade or wherever, I play a mean Q-Bert.

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