so i stumbled onto your profile

Okay, so this one isn’t so great, but it’s not a bad icebreaker.  The Wedding Present is one of my favorite all-time bands.  Because this one is so lame, I will give you a bonus one in a separate post.

Speaking of icebreakers, we’re all supposedly living on the edge of blizzard that is threatening to put a damper on a one-time-only reunion of 48 In the Basement and the Microwave Orphans.  Snow is stupid.  So is this letter.  The girl wasn’t even really cute.

[According to OkCupid’s “Icebreakers” function, we had so very much in common.  To wit, “I think you both like shopgirl, and arrested development.”  So you could see how that wouldn’t be uncomfortable, the two of us sitting in silence until one of us gets brave enough to say something stilted and awkward whilst trying to be funny (or not).]

so i stumbled onto your profile
Sent to AnneOminous
27% Enemy 66% Friend 71% Match
Aug. 6, 2008 – 9:19pm

and you mentioned the Mountain Goats, sure, but THE WEDDING PRESENT??!!! I always feel like nobody’s ever heard of them. I just found out they released a box set of all their BBC recordings, and so now I need to get that. And they’re playing in October, aren’t they?

So yeah, I know that’s crazy, but that’s the reason I decided to write you. I tend to think that anyone into such a group would be pretty decent.


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