i sing songs about food in the refrigerator

As promised, here is your daily dose of my sharp letter-writing skills that have helped me to not get laid via Ok Cupid.  What’s scary about this one is that it seriously weeds out potential partners for me because not many people would be able to tolerate the two weird things mentioned in this letter.  Obviously, I’m still looking for someone who can handle all of that and yet remain attractive to me despite their being able to tolerate that.  If you are on a dating site yourself, may I just point out that this blog is a good guide on what NOT to write to strangers you might like to bone.  @nickkroll does a great bit about why stupid people get laid a lot, which is mostly a series of caveman grunts.  Some of us just think way too much and it gets in the way of procreational recreational activities.  This is an example of overthinking yet not thinking at all.  Impossible, you say?  Just look at the proof below!

And be sure to tune in tomorrow for “Finding the Afikomen” which sounds dirty any which way you say it, Clyde!

[OkCupid says we should like each other because “I think you both like blur, superchunk, crooked fingers, the posies, and fugazi.”]

i sing songs about food in the refrigerator
Sent to stereobird
13% Enemy 86% Friend 85% Match
Mar. 29, 2008 – 6:50pm

I happened across your profile and decided to say hello. Mostly because I think we should compare Daniel Day Lewis impressions. If you look at my profile, way down at the end there’s a story about why. But I tend to do DDL a lot. It just so much gosh darn fun.

well, I must be going.

I’m finished!

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