finding the afikomen

This title might not make sense to you if you aren’t Jewish, but you will all agree it sounds dirty, even without adding the words “…in my pants!”  I think it would be a great title for a Jewish porno flick (and a google search for “Jewish Porn” reveals this Top Ten List does NOT contain “Finding the Afikomen”), so it looks like I have a $1000 idea in the bag.  Check and mate!  Having said that – in retrospect, I didn’t move to Brooklyn just to meet a Jewish girl from Long Island, but I understand that the deity I bow to is Irony (yes, with a capital “I” – long story which I won’t tell here) and that would fit into the grand scheme of the Universe (scheme is the operative word).  But maybe if we got a porno out of it…oh well.  Matzoh luck with that one, Jake.

[OkCupid wants us to make little Jew babies because “I think you both like sketch comedy, sushi, spoon, built to spill, and beck.”  You can’t argue with science!]

finding the afikomen
Sent to littlelu32
2% Enemy 81% Friend 93% Match
Apr. 21, 2008 – 6:54pm

Hi. I really enjoyed that you listed the above as something you’re good at. Unfortunately, I missed any Seders I may or may not have been invited to this weekend. I can’t believe I almost used an inappropriate apostrophe in the preceding sentence.

I was just passing through and saw that and noticed we seem to have a few things in common, so I figured I’d say hello.

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