Saucy, eh?

Hello folks! (Does John F. O’Donnell get a royalty if I say that?)

I’m back with my daily dose of ridiculous things I’ve written to women and haven’t heard back from!  Somehow I will turn this into something successful, be it a stage show or a toilet paper.  Enjoy!

Saucy, eh?
Sent to MissAdv
10% Enemy 88% Friend 88% Match
Mar. 20, 2008 – 6:33pm

I like that in a woman!

I was never any good at speaking or listening to French, but I used to be able to read it really well and write it un peu.  But that was many years ago.  Now I can understand just the gist of it and can’t really write it at all.  And my old joke used to be that I knew enough Spanish to get through in Montreal.  Needless to say, people almost always went “But they speak French” and I would have to say “and what does this tell you about how well I speak Spanish, since I don’t speak Spanish?”

I should probably put in my profile that the two phrases I know in Spanish are “Via con Dios” and “Yo soy el Diablo.”  In French, I still remember “Quelle a la date ton anniversaire?” and “Moi, j’ai soif, j’ai voudrais une Orangina.”

  Oh and it says I have to answer more questions before I send this, so I’m gonna go do that.

Have a lovely evening,

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